off|set «verb. AWF SEHT, OF-; noun, adjective. AWF SEHT, OF-», verb, -set, -set|ting, noun, adjective.
1. to make up for; compensate for: »

The better roads offset the greater distance.

SYNONYM(S): counterbalance, neutralize.
2. to balance (one thing) by another as an equivalent: »

We offset the greater distance by the better roads.

3. to set off or balance: »

I had offset a trip to the mountains against a summer job.

4. a) to make offsets or setoffs in (as a wall). b) to furnish (a pipe or bar) with an offset or offsets.
5. Printing. to make an offset of.
to form or make an offset or offsets.
1. something which makes up for something else; compensation: »

In football, his speed and cleverness were an offset to his small size.

2. a short side shoot from a main stem or root that starts a new plant, as in the houseleek or date palm.
3. any offshoot.
4. Printing. a) a process in which the inked impression is first made on a rubber roller and then on the paper, instead of directly on the paper. b) the impression thus made. c) the transfer or blotting of an impression onto another sheet because the ink is still wet.
5. a short distance measured perpendicularly from the main line in surveying.
6. Architecture. a ledge formed on a wall by lessening its thickness above; setoff.
7. an abrupt bend in a pipe or bar to carry it past something in the way.
8. a minor branch of a mountain range; spur.
9. Electricity. a conductor going out from a principal conductor.
of or having to do with offset: »

The local printer makes offset plates directly from the film (Time).

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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